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The Excalibur Elite Equine Mission Statement

Our mission is to embody the pursuit of excellence in the breeding, care, and training of Gypsy Vanner Horses for the discriminating buyer while offering unsurpassed client services.  

The Excalibur Elite Equine Vision

Born from a vision of excellence, our goal is to breed and offer Gypsy Vanner horses with superior bloodlines, conformation, and temperament while developing and showing every horse to its maximum potential.  Each horse has been carefully chosen to enter our breeding program because of their individual qualities and genetics. From the moment of their arrival each horse is handled extensively.   Their routines are managed to ensure optimum performance producing, mannerly, well adjusted, confident companions.

Our vision is to embody the perfect “trinity” of conformation, temperament and color through the use of superior bloodlines while maintaining the integrity of the standard of Gypsy Vanner Horses.  We believe excellent horses possessing correct conformation and temperament are enhanced when beautiful unique colors are expressed.

Our vision includes matching the correct horse to our clients’ expectations and desires.  We offer support, guidance, and training to all of our clients, not only before and during the sale, but after the sale.  When our clients are happy, our horses are happy. 

The Excalibur Elite Equine Philosophy

Our philosophy on producing top quality foals begins with the best genetics available.  We believe in creating an environment which fosters the best physical development for rearing our youngsters by allowing time for play at liberty, in large open areas, providing a better opportunity to develop their muscle tone naturally.  We feed the best nutrients available. Each foal is handled using methods that encourage curiosity and build confidence throughout each developmental stage and learning experience.  Our horses are handled with respect.  We build our relationships through trust and T.I.M.E.   THIS I MUST EARN.  Gypsy Vanners have a willing and infectious can-do attitude!  This extraordinary breed has the ability to excel in many disciplines.

We believe every horse has a story to tell and that their story always reflects outwardly exactly what is instilled in them.

Excalibur Elite Equine Training

Excalibur Elite Equine is proud to have Chris Erbskorn, of Chris Erbskorn Dressage Horses, a training, importing and sales enterprise in the Atlanta area, as our premier trainer. Chris has trained with national and international dressage masters, such as Conrad Schumacher, George Williams, and Scott Hassler.  Chris is a board member of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association and a member of the United States Equestrian Federation, as well as, the United States Dressage Federation. 

Chris has a diverse background in showing and winning in multiple disciplines, including western pleasure, eventing, and dressage, enabling him to develop each of our horses to their very best potential.  Chris scrutinizes every aspect of the horse and applies their natural talent, abilities, conformation and work ethic, to the discipline best suited to the individual horse.  His classical dressage foundation and expertise in starting young horses produces horses that are quiet, confident, and willing, becoming well rounded riding horses.  Chris’ kindness is often noted by on lookers and his dedication and enthusiasm are contagious. 

Kimberly Kaufman

Kimberly is a fourth generation Atlanta native who grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia, where she continues to reside.  Kimberly has two passions in life, her amazing family, and the animal most generous of spirit, the horse.

Kimberly has six beautiful children she raises with her most important partner, her husband and their dad, Jim.   Kimberly possesses an unyielding drive, with the clear intent of being present in the moment and refuses to live within the confines of the self-imposed restriction of “can’t.”

Kimberly began riding at the age of five.  At the age of seven, Kimberly was provided an opportunity to take riding lessons and if she “stuck with it” she would then be given a chance to own a horse

Kimberly is still “sticking with it” and has found no other solace that these animals so willingly provide.  Surprisingly, today, her favorite thing is not riding but the building of a trusting relationship through ground work.  Kimberly trains the horses, but they teach her.  She believes in being a positive contributor to the many horses’ stories of which she is honored to be a part.


Kimberly Kaufman



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